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Health and Safety Protocals


SAFETY FIRST We're taking extra measures to ensure your children are safe in our center. 

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  • All adults are required to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. Face coverings are also strongly recommended for toddlers age two and older, as well as adults venturing outside the facility.

  • Children and staff are required to wash their hands upon entering our classrooms; parents are permitted to use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom for drop-off or pick-up.

  • Teachers are permitted to drop their masks during sleep time and while they are more than six feet away from a youngster.

  • Our classrooms are equipped with air purifiers to guarantee that the air is clean, The center is cleaned daily with 99.9 percent disinfected cleaning solutions at the end of each day to aid in the prevention of cold/flu and the COVID-19 virus.

  • At nap time and at the conclusion of each day, all frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. At the conclusion of each day, all toys are washed and sanitized. Throughout the day, mouthed toys are cleaned and sanitized as required.

  • If you or your child are feeling sick do not enter our classroom

  • If a child or staff member in the classroom become ill with Covid-19, we will follow CDC recommended guidelines.

  • The room will be closed for 24 hours for a deep cleaning.

  • Only children or staff with symptoms of Covid- 19 must get tested and quarantine  for 7-10 days

  • At the event of a covid-19 outbreak in a school, parents and teachers will be informed.

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