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A child's infancy is a delicate and extraordinary period of growth and development. Taking care of a baby's physical and social needs is a priority in our program for infants of all ages. Each baby classroom is intended to help newborns between the ages of six weeks and twelve months develop their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities.  The care and experiences that are offered to your infant have an impact on the development of his or her brain. When babies get affection, they feel more at ease and secure in their own skin.

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At Loving Touch Daycare, babies are cared for in a setting that fosters feelings of security and satisfaction. Teachers in this class have the opportunity to build deep connections by bonding with infants entrusted to their care and to create trust between them. Little ones will have a great time here.

  • Warm, nurturing comforting environments

  • Stimulating activities with educational toys

  • (Montessori activities)

  • Immersive learning

  • Individualized care 

Breast Feeding

Moms are encouraged to breastfeed at our facility, and we at Loving Touch Daycare are happy to accommodate them.


We provide moms with a private, dedicated room in which they may nurse their children or express milk for their babies.


We also provide a separate refrigerator and freezer space for parents who want to store their expressed milk onsite.

Nursing Newborn
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